Here is why it’s okay to procrastinate at times.

Have you been posting images on social media that portrays you as a professional procrastinator?


Have you been tagging your dear college buddies, your perfect partner in crime in all the memes on procrastination you came across ?

Congratulations! then.

You have spread enough of guilt already.

Now, it’s time to flaunt it proudly.
And guess what? It’s not at all detrimental that we have always had an impression about.

All of us, at least once at certain point of our lives have definitely came across that guy who studies just a few days before exams and excel or at least manage to fetch decent marks.

Haven’t we?

So, I have got you enough of reasons already.

Here is why it’s okay to procrastinate once in a while.

  • Quality and not quantity. I know people who spend hours every day on their work. But, consequently the benefits reaped out turns out not to be satiable. Now, when it comes to procrastination we tend to do the real work rather than shoving up our asses for hours.

  • More creativity

When we have limited time and work has piled up, our mind becomes really creative in making the best out of all the possibilities.

  • Those unnecessary are overlooked.

Months to go for an exam? “Okay, I’ll study scanner and my own notes and my teachers notes and that of my friend’s notes and that of her teacher’s notes and that writer’s notes which is suggested by so and so teacher. ”

When we have a prolonged period of time left for the deadline we tend to waste our time in the areas which are irrelevant. But, when each second counts, well , we are prompted to overlook insignificant and work against all the odds. Smart work. That’s what it’s called.

  • We switch the priorities game on.

Exams, parties, friends, families, shopping, hobbies, a lot to prioritize with.

When the deadline is almost knocking on the door, we automatically prioritize smartly.

  • For a change, may be. This point is the bonus one. If you are punctual and have always been punctual. Then, you can also try once what it’s like to procrastinate. You may end up learning that it works better for you 😜

So, peeps. Embrace the professional procrastinator that you are. And stop indulging in anymore guilt.

Anymore guilt remains? Do let me know about it on the comments section. 🙂


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